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Strengthening Relationships
and Sex Education


Quality RSE

Our Quality Assurance report found that international bodies echo local and national guidance about what constitutes quality realtionships and sex education, and compentent RSE educators.

Quality RSE can be identified as:

  • Comprehensive and representative of the needs of young people;
  • Free from judgment, prejudice, agenda and based on human rights;
  • Positive and holistic;
  • Established through partnerships;
  • Focused on knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and skills with the aim of empowering young people;
  • Based on effective learning principles (engaging, interactive, and participatory learning in a graduated and regularly taught programme) and evaluated frequently.

Competent RSE educators can be identified as:

  • Motivated and interested in the delivery of RSE within an agreed values framework;
  • Comfortable discussing sexuality;
  • Skilled in managing sex and relationships discussions and possessing a strong subject knowledge;
  • Having received comprehensive training that explored personal values and was taught by experienced trainers;
  • Having access to ongoing support and supervision.

To learn more about existing Quality Assurance in RSE across the UK and around the world please download our Quality Assurance Report


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