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Strengthening Relationships
and Sex Education


Top tips on how to resource your department.

1) Audit the resources you already have within the department. Aim to keep an up to date list of resources.


2) Scope out other linked departments such as Science, RE, Child Development to see what resources they have that you might be able to share or borrow. (And consider putting in joint bids to the leadership team for shared resources).


3) Scope out with your PSHE leads/school nursing teams or other local authority groups whether they have resources you might be able to share or borrow. 


4) Lobby for an annual improvement budget for your department. When you have a budget think carefully about the cost/benfit analysis a resource can bring. An expensive resource used for one lesson in one year group is less value than an expensive resource that can be used lots of times in lots of different ways. 


5) Investigate what other RSE teachers think of existing resources or reccomend as resources by using your PSHE Leads, TES forums or Twitter and the #UKEdChat or #PSHEChat hashtags. 


6) Look for resources that have been quality assured by the PSHE Association 


7) Use the Sex Education Forum's guidance on choosing resources and check out their lists of possible resources.


8) Be creative - for example the internal ring of a femidom can double up as a sample Nuvaring for contraception demonstrations, or handsoap is UV sensitive and can act as a much cheaper alternative to UV sensitive artificial semen. The only limits to a resource is your imagination!


9) If you get stuck trying to find resources- contact us for help! info@rsehub.org.uk


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